Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year! 

As district superintendent, I am pleased to welcome you to a new school year with our Viking families, students, and staff. I hope our students have a tremendous year of academic success and social growth ahead of them, all as a result of the planning and preparation that have occurred at so many levels to move our district forward to the collective vision we are striving to achieve. 

Once again, we have had a very busy summer, working to improve our buildings and campus for the return of students, staff, and community members. Significant investments of voter-supported building and site funds have been spent wisely to continue facilities improvements in all school buildings: to repaint elementary school lockers and hallways and to re-pave the student and staff parking lots in front of the campus. Our board room is completely renovated, and it is available for community group meetings if needed throughout the year. And construction and installation of our new electronic district sign at the front of the campus are under way. There’s more to come in facilities improvements in 2015, as we believe investing in the campus and the buildings is part of achieving our vision of being a premier district for our community to take pride in. Look for upgrades to our athletic fields and athletic complex; project options are being reviewed currently, leading to school board approval in the near future for a construction timeframe of spring/summer of 2015. Thank you to our district residents for your support of facility improvements though the sinking fund millage. 

We continue progress toward implementing our safety and technology bond initiatives. Now all of our buildings have a secure entrance for school day hours. Safety of students and staff has become a paramount concern for all school districts across the nation, and PPS has made the right changes to control factors for building access that are customary for school buildings. This is the second year of our deployment of more tech devices in our classrooms. We have gathered input from teachers and the technology committee as we expand the implementation of devices in classrooms for student use. Now more than two-thirds of our classrooms have carts of devices for teachers and students to use for teaching and learning projects. Our students will develop greater 21st century technology readiness as they learn, communicate, create, and present their mastery of learning goals in new ways! 

As we begin the new school year, I remain concerned about school finances in Michigan and the impact of student enrollment on our district’s budget. When we have fewer students, we have fewer dollars to support the programs and resources necessary to provide the quality education our students need. We understand that a variety of factors influence where area families decide to enroll students for the maximum educational, athletic, artistic, and social growth opportunities. We continue the work toward our vision of being a premier district that affords those enriching experiences for our students. With our caring staff and small class sizes, we are able to nurture and monitor students appropriately. Coupled with our expansive technology initiatives, I am confident we provide exceptional educational experiences that prepare students for the work and life goals they have for their futures. Help us share that message with your friends and neighbors—we all must be advocates for the success of Potterville Public Schools. 

Indeed these are exciting times in our district, and the forward momentum is undeniable. More remains to be done, undoubtedly, but we are pleased and proud of our progress and dedicated to moving the district forward. To that end, I always welcome your input, comments, or questions. Call me at 517-645-2662 or email me at: donahutj@pps.k12.mi.us. We’re glad you’re here, and we pledge our best efforts to educate and care for your children. 

Best wishes for a great school year! 

Tim Donahue