2018-2019 Parent-Student Handbook Middle/High School

Student Technology Acceptable Use And Safety Agreement

High School

Middle School



  • Potterville High School's mission is to create a school culture that fosters lifelong learning, academic achievement, and creative/critical thinking skills. We will encourage achievement through commitment to best teaching practice and will promote student proficiency of state and national standards. Establishing student-centered classrooms and using an inquiry-based approach, we will expect students to take personal responsibility for their educational development. Our staff and administration -- in cooperation with parents, students, and the community -- will commit to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome.


  • Potterville High School is a learning community where staff, students, parents, and the community know and believe that teaching and learning are the top priority. As a result, students view educational progress as their primary goal and responsibility. Students are held to high behavioral and academic expectations and take personal responsibility for their actions inside and outside of the classroom. Our students exhibit both the willingness and the ability to achieve at their maximum levels. We expect all PHS graduates to be self-sufficient, life-long learners who make positive contributions to society.

Positive and safe environment
Variety of academic instruction
Modeling respect for all
Soaring to be "The Best"

We believe everyone can learn. Failure is not an option.