Vision of the High Quality Intense Student Support Network

We believe that every student has the right to a safe, supportive school in which we respect each student’s values, beliefs, individual backgrounds, and identity. We believe that every student has the right to an equitable educational experience and that it is the district’s responsibility to provide a system of delivery from which each student has the potential for high levels of success and that each student reaches that potential as result of an equitable but not equal system of delivery, i.e., a system that responds to the unique and individual academic and non-academic needs of each student. As a result of these beliefs, the Potterville Public Schools embraces the opportunity to engage with every student to maximize both his/her academic and social learning.

The district recognizes that the key person in the learning equation is the student (Murphy, 2014) and further recognizes that it is critical to develop a meaningful, positive relationship with a student in order to exercise academic press and influence. Using Joseph Murphy’s work with pastoral care as a guide, the Potterville Public Schools’ student support network ensures that the norms of pastoral care positively impact every student for whom we as a district have the privilege of serving. Those norms and identifying characteristics are:

  • Challenging students
  • Sharing oneself as a person
  • Knowing students well
  • Valuing all students as individuals and expressing concern for what is
  • happening in their lives
  • Taking interest and investing in students
  • Being accessible
  • Seeing through the eyes of students
  • Establishing trustworthiness
  • Treating students fairly and with respect
  • Providing recognition
  • Providing assistance
  • Offering encouragement
  • Providing safety nets
  • Mentoring socially, culturally, academically
  • Advocating
  • Personalization
  • Prevention
  • Systematic action
  • Climate of positivity
  • Shared development and ownership
  • Ownership
  • Involvement
  • Accomplishment
  • Belonging

We believe this “Powerful combination of high academic expectations and meaningful student-teacher interpersonal relationships form the basis of authentic caring as an alternative to traditional schooling” (Antrop-Gonzalez & De Jesus, 2006, p. 419). We believe this “press toward higher academic standards must be coupled with ample personal support” (Bryk et al., 2010, p. 60).

In addition, we believe that although “technical improvements in teaching and curriculum are necessary, they are unlikely to be put to work for the benefit of students unless they are supported by a positive organizational climate, culture, or ethos” (Newmann et) The student support network will also work with community agencies to provide support in areas that may extend beyond the capacity of the district and school to provide alone. These areas include, but are not necessarily limited to the areas of social, emotional health, and nutritional needs of students.

Finally, the student support network will utilize its network delivery system for collecting data about and responding to student needs, connecting the student to the source of
support, positively impacting student and adult relationships, and engaging the families and community in support of its students. In short, this student support network will ensure that the Potterville Public Schools is prepared to meet the academic and non-academic needs of all students who belong to our district.

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