You will need a User ID and password to access ParentCONNECT.
You may only login if you have already registered to use ParentCONNECT with
the Potterville Public Schools District. 


ParentCONNECT Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is ParentCONNECT?
    A: ParentCONNECT is a web-based program used to help parents keep track of their child's academic progress on a daily basis. The ParentCONNECT web site is available 24 hours a day on the Internet. Most of the data in ParentCONNECT is current as of the previous school day.

  • Q: Can anyone else see my child's information?
    A: The information about your child is kept private and password protected. You will not be able to see other students' records and other parents will not be able to see your child's records. 

  • Q: Who is eligible to use ParentCONNECT? 
    A: All parents/guardians who have legal rights to view their children's school records may use ParentCONNECT. Students may only use the site if their parents choose to share their User ID and password with them. 

  • Q: Can more than one parent/guardian have access to a child's record? 
    A: Yes. If the parents live in the same household, we ask that they share the same UserID & password. Parents must have legal rights to view their child's school records. Legal parents/guardians not living in the same household will be allowed a separate User ID and password. See next question.

  • Q: I do not live in the same household as my child. Can I still gain access to my child's information on ParentCONNECT? 
    A: Yes, as long as you have the legal rights to view your child's school records, you may request a User ID and password from Potterville Public Schools.

  • Q: Why didn't I get a User ID and password for my child(ren)? 
    A: All Potterville Middle and High School parents should have received a letter containing their child's User ID and password. If you have not received one for your Middle School or High School student, please contact the school. Please note that Potterville Elementary School is not yet participating at this time.

  • Q: Can I change my ParentCONNECT password?
    A: Yes.  Click here to view the simple 3-step process to change your password.

  • Q: How do I add additional children to my current ParentCONNECT account? 
    A: After logging into your ParentCONNECT account, click on "Combine Student Login ID's and Password" under the Other Options section. Enter the User ID and Password for the child you would like to add to your account, then click "Combine." Do this for every child you would like to add, then click on "Cancel/Done."

  • Q: Who can answer my questions and provide more help? 
    A: If you have any questions regarding ParentCONNECT, please call Mary Sherwood at 517-645-4752 during regular school hours.