from the desk of the Potterville High School Principal, Andrew Wise

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

This fall we will be welcoming approximately eighty members of our incoming freshmen class. We will be offering several new electives that our team is very excited about. Students will have the opportunity to take new courses such as Psychology & Sociology, Science Olympiad, Advanced PE, and Honors Choir. We’ve also created an extra section of Pre-Algebra and a separate section of Senior English to meet the needs of our student body. Students will still have access to our E2020 and MVS programs that offer alternative options for credit attainment. Over 60+ PHS students are currently enrolled in off-campus programming as well. More and more students are qualifying for and taking advantage of Dual Enrollment, Early Middle College, and Vocational Training programs offered through Eaton RESA Career Prep Center.

Within our Viking Vision classes this year, all students will be receiving various forms of support based on their needs. Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be grouped within their age groups. During Viking Vision, students will receive additional academic support, tutoring services, organizational assistance, reading & writing support, as well as standardized test preparation services. All 9th Graders will be provided with Potterville High School planners to help in their transition from Middle to High School.

This year we will be piloting an after-school Homework Club. Students who are looking for additional assistance, or simply a quiet place and location to work on their homework, will be offered this opportunity beginning shortly after the start of the school year. Athletes who are waiting for their practice/game to begin will be highly encouraged to attend the Homework Club.

During this school year our team will be working intently to better utilize data to steer our instructional practices. We will be working within the framework of district and state expectations to help guide this process within Professional Development sessions and staff meetings. Providing the best quality instruction for our students is our goal each and every year.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We will have routine updates published in our District Newsletter over the course of the year that will provide additional information.

Andrew Wise
Potterville High School