Transportation Information

It is the responsibility of Potterville Public Schools to provide safe, economical bus transportation to all eligible students living in the district. Michigan schools are required by law to follow the Michigan Pupil Transportation Handbook put out by the Michigan Department of Education as well as State and Federal guidelines on pupil transportation. 

Bus transportation may be provided for those students who live outside the city limits of Potterville. Bus routes are planned to provide the maximum number of students at each pick-up point with a minimum number of "turn-arounds" and "back-tracking" for each bus. Secondary students (grades 7-12) may be asked to walk up to one (1) mile to the bus and elementary students (K-6) may be asked to walk up to one-half (1/2) mile. No more than 4 stops will be made in any one mile and no stops will be made at the foot of a hill or on a curve that obscures visibility. 

Students riding buses are expected to observe the following rules or lose the privilege of riding: 

  • Follow driver directions.
  • Use polite and kind language. 
  • No swearing or teasing. 
  • Stay in assigned seats. 
  • Keep head, hands, and all other objects inside the bus. 
  • Keep the aisle clear of feet, hands, bags, musical instruments. 
  • Use "inside" or " one-foot" voices. 
  • Maintain quiet at railroad stops. 
  • Observe all other rules posted in the bus. 

Consequences for Poor Bus Behavior

  • Verbal Warning * Driver records name and may assign seats. 
  • Bus Conduct Report * Driver may call parents/guardians. 
  • Bus Conduct Report * Conference with parents. 
  • Bus Conduct Report * Mandatory suspension of bus riding privileges up to and including the school year. 

Severe Offenses

In the case of severe behavioral offenses on a bus, the student will be suspended from bus upon arrival at the final destination. These offenses include: 

  • Inappropriate and/or abusive language,
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, 
  • Defiance, 
  • Interfering with safety, 
  • Vandalism, 
  • Fighting. 

Parent Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to: 

  • Ensure that their students arrive at the bus stop on time in the morning. 
  • Students should be at the stop 5 minutes early. 
  • Provide necessary protection of their students when going to and from the bus stop. 
  • Accept joint responsibility with their student and school authorities for proper conduct of their student. 
  • Make a reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for pupil transportation. 
  • Make sure that their students are dressed properly for the weather while waiting for the bus.